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Professional manufacturer for monofilament extrusion machines and products
Professional monofilament extruding machine for high quality PP,PE, NYLON,PET,PBT yarns.
Excellent turf monofilament machine, which can meet high requirements of best turf yarns.
High capacity and quality machine for making woven bag,jumbo bag,tarpaulin....
Professional monofilament extruding machine for making high quality PP,PE,NYLON,PET,PBT yarns.
About us  ABOUT US
About us

Rui Sheng introduction

Changzhou Ruisheng Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for different kinds of monofilament extruding machine and products. We will still insist on the management concept of "Creditable management in pursuit of excellence" and focus on the development of machines and technical process to provide the super quality complete sets in competitive price for all of the users in the world.
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