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PET monofilament extruding machine  PET monofilament extruding machine
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  • Extruder
  • Stretching unit
  • Hot water tank
  • Hot blast oven
  • PET monofilament extruding machine
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PET monofilament extruding machine is special design for PET monofilamens in daily and industrial using, which is composed of extruder, stretching unit, hot water tank, hot blast oven and spindle winder.
The perfect mechanical properties ensure the stability of monofilaments and the sophisticated electric control system make the operation convenient and efficient.

Spindle winder

Big spindle winder

Prodcution site

This machine is applying for the following monofilament:
PET monofilament for forming web, filter net with high strength and low shrinkage…
PET monofilament for zipper, bracket line and transmit belt…
PET monofilament for weaving fabric, shoes net, bag, Velcro…
PET monofilament for 3D mattress, weaving mesh pipe...

Dia.of screw Φ45-90mm
Raw material PET chips or bottle flakes
Capacity 50-150Kg/H
Ratio of L/D 30:1
Screw material 38CrMoALA
Motor of extruder 11-45Kw
Filter changer Melt filter changer or simple
Quantity of spinneret Single or double die
Holes of spinneret 80-240 holes
Stretching unit 3-5 sets
Stretching method Hot water tank
Setting method Hot blast oven
Winding unit Spindle winder
Electric control system 2-4  electric cabinet
Total Installed capacity 120-350Kw
Total dimension(L×W×H) 24000-52000mm×2800mm×2300mm


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