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Monofilments Products  Monofilments Products
Trimmer line
  • Trimmer line
  • 1. Suitable for most leading trimmers and brush cutters
    2. Outstanding impact toughness
    3. Ultra weld-resistant performance...
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Turf monofilament
  • Turf monofilament
  • 1. Player friendly and highly resilient
    2. Excellent UV stability
    3. High strength and tenacity...
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Cement concrete reinforcing fiber
  • Cement concrete reinforcing fiber
  • Concrete, cement product, cement reinforced, constructional engineering, various felt, cement mortar, mortar wall painting, calcium silicate board, gypsum board, wall insulation, glass fiber reinforcement...
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Nylon fishing line
  • Nylon fishing line
  • 1. High breaking strain, good knot strength
    2. Excellent transparency, suppleness, abrasion resistance
    3. High specific gravity, great cast ability ...
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Nylon sewing line
  • Nylon sewing line
  • 1. Excellent quilting thread
    2. Easy to use
    3. High strength, suitable elongation, even texture, good abrasive resistance, great elasticity, good dyeability, anti--bacteria, eco-friendly, beautiful forming, etc...
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PET monofilament
  • PET monofilament
  • 1. High tensile strength
    2. High heat-resisting property
    3. High electric-resisting property (suitable yarn for insulation)...
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