Straight monofilament
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Straight monofilament

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1. Extruder: 2

(1) Screw diameter: 70mm, there is thermometer hole in the barrel which has cooling fans.

(2) L:D: 33:1, Material of screw: 38CrMoALA ,

(3) Rotation speed of screw: 1~80 rpm.

(4) Pressure automatic feedback system which adjusts the speed of screw automatically according to the pressure change, ensure the uniform of each yarn. Overpressure alarm system.

(5) Auto belt screen changer, the screen is 100mm.

(6) Metering pump: 2 sets

(7) Static mixer: 2 sets.

(8) Spinneret: 2 sets.

2. Cooling water tank

(1) The tank is made by SS 304 with one light and safety shield.

(2) There are double ceramic roller guiders which are adjustable.

The tank has support system with two separating comb.

(3) Pushed and pulled in side way, the power driven lifting.

3. Five roller stretching unit A, 0-35m/min

(1) Motor power: 7.5kw

(2) The steel structure box with accurately grind gear makes the rollers run smoothly.

(3) The center height is 1200mm

4. Hot water tank

(1) Overall size: 4000×1300×1100 mm

(2) Heating method: electric heating

(3) Inside of the tank is made by SS 304 with insulating layer.

(4) There are combs in entrance and exit and the entrance and exit has on/off button.

(5) High-pressure air-knife drying system

5. Oiling heating five roller stretching unit B, 0-160m/min

(1) 4 heating roller and working width 1300mm

(2) Standard heater has self-protective and alarm function.

Temperature control range: 70-120 degree.

(3) Driving motor and reducer: 15kw

(4) The steel structure box with accurately grind gear makes the rollers run smoothly.

Two pressure rollers control the lifting.

7. Double layers hot blast stretching oven: 1 set

(1) Working area: 5000mm L×1350mm W.

Heating power: 35KW×2, the circulating fan: 4Kw×4.

(2) Frequency control speed of blast capacity. Temperature control range: 0-200 degree.

(3) The cover opened by solenoid valve, jog button.

(4) Heating control system: solid relay.

8. Three roller setting unit C, 0-160m/min

(1) Two cooling roller:φ318×1300×3,standard rotary joint.

(2) Driving motor and reducer: 7.5kw

(3) The steel structure box with accurately grind gear makes the rollers run smoothly.

(4) 1 piece rubber roller, the effect width: 1200mm.

9. Spindle winder: 64 spindles

(1) Constant tension magnetic disk deviation transmission.

(2) Winding motor: 250w, the bobbin size is according to the customer’s requirements.

(3) Each winder collets 3-6 pieces yarn.

10. Waster yarn collector

(1) Including pipes and fan, fan power: 7.5kw

11. The installation power: 320kw;

12. Overall size: 42000×2500×1900mm;

13. Total weight: 22T

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